Sullivan's Scrap Metals Loyalty Rewards Point System

Loyalty Rewards Point System

Here at Sullivan's Scrap Metals our valued customers receive competitive prices and earn points every time they scrap with us. These points can be traded in for one of our amazing prizes!

You Are Automatically Entered For FREE

Your Points Never Expire

Our Loyalty Rewards Point System is completely FREE and there is absolutely nothing extra you need to do to start collecting your points. There is no extra paperwork, no need to become a member, or get another card you have to remember each time. Simply scrap with us as usual and your account will be properly credited each time.

When selling your scrap metal to Sullivan's your account will accumulate rewards point on a variable basis and will adjusted to reflect the rewards point you have earned. Points will never expire while the program is still active and has not been modified or changed.

*Sullivan's Scrap Metals reserve the right to change, modify or terminate the program at any time without liability to Sullivan's Scrap Metals. You must be 18 and a resident of Pennsylvania to sell scrap metal at any of our Sullivan's Scrap Metal locations and to participate in our rewards point program.

*All point redemptions are final, no transferring or swapping of prizes of the same tier or of higher tiers

Program Rules

Loyalty Rewards Point F.A.Q.

What is the catch?

There is absolutely no catch! It is 100% FREE and there is no need to sign up separately to start earning points. When scrapping at Sullivan's Scrap Metals your account is created using your Government issued photo ID or military ID and that is when you start to earn points.

Do I have to redeem all my rewards point at once?

No. Feel free to save them up for our highest level prize, or trade them in once your rewards point have reached the desired level. The required points will be deducted from your account card at time. Any remaining points will still remain in your account.

Can I combine my rewards point with family or friends?

No. You may not combine rewards point with any other account.

How do I know what my rewards point total is?

Each time you sell your scrap metal at a Sullivan's scrap metal facility you will receive a print out receipt of your transaction with your rewards point balance listed also.

Will Sullivan's Scrap Metals let me know when I reach a prize level?

No. It is up to the individual customer to keep track of what reward points prize level they have reached. Once you reach the desired reward points prize level and are ready to redeem your points, just inform the Sullivan's team member that is assisting you at the time and they will initiate the redemption process.

How soon after I request my prize will I receive it?

While some rewards point prize levels might be able to be redeemed immediately others may need to be processed first. Processing can take between 2-3 weeks because of accounting procedures and other required documentation that may need to be completed.

If your request needs to be processed, a Sullivan's team member will notify you the moment your prize is available to be picked up.

Prize Levels

Level Points Approximate Face Value
Level 1 20,000 $5
Level 2 40,000 $10
Level 3 100,000 $25
Level 4 200,000 $50
Level 5 2,000,000 $500
Level 6 4,000,000 $1,000
Level 7 10,000,000 $~2,500
Loyalty Rewards Point Prizes

Level 1 - 20,000
Example of prizes: Fat Kid Motor Sports Gift Card, Fivebelow gift card and more!...

Level 2 - 40,000
Example of prizes: Gas or Restaurant Gift Card
- Cold Stone, Wawa, Gas
and more!...

Level 3 - 100,000
Example of prizes: Restaurant Gift Card or Movie Tickets
- Sullivan's 1 liter (33.81 oz) Stainless Steel Growler (black matte or brushed stainless), Bertuci's, Hatboro Beverage, Wawa
and more!...

Level 4 - 200,000
Example of prizes: Restaurant or Spa Gift Card
- Na'brassa, William Penn Inn, Speed Raceway
and more!...

Level 5 - 2,000,000
Example of prizes: Flat screen Tv or Sporting Event Tickets and more!...

Level 6 - 4,000,000
Example of prizes: Two Night Stay in Hershey PA or
Flat Screen Tv
and more!...

Level 7 - 10,000,000
Example of prizes: Trip to Disney World for a Family of Four and more!...