Sullivan's Scrap Metals Team and Facility

Sullivan's Scrapping Metal 101

How It Works

New Customers

Bring a Valid Photo ID

Photo ID

Get a Barcode from the Scale Operator

Scale Operator

Got Your Barcode & Scrap?

The barcode acts as your identity at our yard and is yours to keep. Bring it with you every time you come to Sullivan's. The barcode also keeps track of your Loyalty Reward Points.


Step 1.
Take your material to one of our scales.

Scale Operator

Step 2.
Hand your barcode to the scale operator. They will weigh your material and print your receipt.


Step 3.
Take your receipt to the ATM located in the front parking lot in the small building with a blue roof.


Step 4.
Scan the barcode located on the top of the receipt to get your money!

Where Do I Go Once I Get My Barcode?

Non-Ferrous Metals: Copper, Aluminum Brass, Stainless

Non-Ferrous Scale

Step 1.
Take your scrap to the Non-Ferrous Scale.
Located in the front parking lot/three scales inside new building.

Carts and Buckets

Step 2.
Separate Your Material - Place into carts and buckets which are located next to the scales.
If you need help separating your metal, please ask the Scale Operator or Yard Foreman for assistance.

Small Scale

Step 3.
Push your scrap material onto small scale.
Hand the scale operator barcode.
Get Weighed & Cash Out!

Ferrous Metals: Iron


Step 1.
Drive to Ferrous Truck Scale.
Located in the Second Entrance past the Gated Parking Lot. There is a sign located on the fence to direct you to each scale.

Ferrous Scale

Step 2.
Provide the Truck Scale Operator your barcode to get the first gross weight.

Step 3.
The Scale Operator will then instruct you where to unload your scrap metal.
(similar to separating materials)

Truck Scale

Step 4.
Pull back onto truck scale to get second tare weight.

Step 5.
Cash Out!

What's On Your Receipt


1. Gross Weight
Total amount of weight put on the scale
(including carts, buckets, and other non-metal material)

2. Tare Weight
Weight of non-metallic items
(ex. empty cart or car that the material was in)

3. Net Weight
This is the total amount of scrap metal that you sold to us
(net weight = gross weight – tare weight)

4. Price per Pound or Gross Ton
For each material

5. Total Payment Amount
At bottom of the receipt. This is calculated by multiplying the net weight of your material by the price per pound.

6. Loyalty Reward Points Earned
Points earned for this transaction and total amount of points you have.

Loyalty Reward Points

For every dollar we give you, you also earn reward points. You can then trade your reward points in for prizes!

Learn More

Commercial Business Recycling & Demolition Jobs

Roll-off Container Service

Roll-off Container Service

We offer a roll-off container service for customers. Here are a few tips to get you started if you have never had a roll-off container.

Payment Services Offered

We offer multiple ways that you can receive payment by cash or check.

Our system is set up to allow companies to track their payments even if they have multiple drivers. Therefore if there are any problems with missing payments or concerns with the material, Sullivan's system has the ability to pull up the driver's license of the employee that got paid, pictures of the employee and pictures of the material on the scale.

If you have any questions please call (215) 442-1504.